Wednesday, 24 February 2010

the original projectforty

Lent is upon us...40 days and all that...made for projectforty-related activities (again).

I popped over to A Bun Can Dance whose post on re-applying her aim of 'balance' during the Lenten period has inspired me to get going on my list again.

If you scroll down the list is somewhere at the bottom but it's a pretty self-explanatory 'be nice to yourself' list.  Do more nice stuff.  Take more care.  Avoid the extremes of the cake, the chocolate, the sugar, the alcohol.  Now this little blog has been puttering along for a while, it would be good to hear some of your self-inspired tips for self-improvement.

I went to to an Embroiderers' Guild talk last night by Brenda Miller who is a member of the Brunel Broderers.  She was a really interesting woman with a journey through textiles and fine art that was very inspiring.  She'd done some really interesting collaborative and public art projects.  There was lots of food for thought. 

The only disappointment of the evening?  I didn't win the raffle - again.

I have a whole day at work tomorrow to catch up on paperwork and filing. I'm quite looking forward to it.  My job is very fragmented with many different parts and elements and colleagues and activities.  It will be great to put everything in its proper place even if just for a while.

Got to making chicken pie.  Need to check on the crust.


A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello there!
Thank you for your comment over at mine, and the link here :-)
I wonder if like me, you find that all the self nurturing stuff needs to be visited so very often, because it's easy to get swept along by other things and forget to 'be nice to yourself'.
I hope your Lent allows you to visit lots of your list items, often.
D x

LittleBrownDog said...

Gosh - not sure I can supply anything at all worthwhile in the self-improvement line. Except perhaps enjoy your chicken pie. Relish every last morsel and make sure you get to scrape out the dish and savour all those nice crunchy bits...

Like the idea of collaborative art projects. Now why do I always seem to miss all these interesting things?

Only Me said...

I'm not sure if I have anything useful on the self improvement line either but am a firm believer in keeping the fluids up, a little bit of exercise and regularly eating chicken pie.

Georgina (remoteknitter) said...

You might enjoy this link
I have to trick myself into good things! I gave up smoking by giving up actually buying cigarettes. There is only so much blagging a girl can do without feeling like a down and out! I also have a very chic friend and I sometimes ask myself - what would Judy do now? And I am sure she DOES put on the body butter after every shower!
Drinking more water I find very tricky as it has inevitable consequences!
I have given up alcohol for Lent, and yet I still found myself wondering, after friends had been for dinner, whether I made daft conversation! Like the fags, I have stopped buying the booze I can tolerate, white and rose, and DH's red is, I have come to accept, (took a painful age) is not worth the headache.

hausfrau said...

A long time ago I gave up sugar in tea for Lent. I have given up nothing since which may be because I never went back to sugar in tea. Youngest has given up chocolate Hobnobs; this does not ,duh! mean chocolate crispies, Cadburys cereal bars, chocolate...
Self-improvement tips? Golly! I don't keep to my resolutions so I couldn't possibly make a suggestion.

lynnekovan said...

I gave up alcohol a long time ago. Not for lent, but for ever because it was taking up too much of my time. Drinking it and then recovering from it! I feel 100% better for it and never give it a thought now. I think that was a big "being good to myself" decision. Now, I try to think of five good things that have happened at the end of each day. I don't always achieve this, as there are some days when five bad things would be an easier option, but, far less nurturing I feel. By the way, a peice of your chicken pie might count for two good things I feel!