Sunday, 10 January 2010

when will it end????

I am posting this splash of colour as all I can see from my window is icing-sugar snow relieved by the hopeful green of my neighbour's wheelie bin. Will the binmen (sorry, refuse recyclers) come tomorrow morning?

I am still in my dressing gown. It is past mid-day. In my defence, I am waiting for my potatoes to par-boil so that I can pop them into roast with my moroccan spiced shoulder of lamb (get me, hey!). The reality is that I've become dormousical in my routines over the last week:

rise at about 9
have a bath (shower is frozen) at about 10
get dressed
do some work
pop out for a bit of sledging
buy milk from village shop
make something for lunch
do a bit more work while child (a) or child (b) does something screen-side
have a little knit
do a bit more work
have a little sleep (dormousical)
make dinner
inveigle new New Year's resolution to make (a) and (b) clear table and help with washing up
bit more knitting
bit of a sleep
bit of boxed set: the Wire v. Madmen (am getting increasingly confused)
proper sleep
and so it goes on
G and the kids have gone sledging. What a lovely family outing this would be if they hadn't all bickered so much they flounced out of the garage and shuffled off to what I hope will be a still-decent slope. Never mind, at least they'll have a nice roast dinner to scoff when they get back. I imagine a game of 'Sequence' will keep us all on friendly terms until we can negotiate a film to watch this afternoon.

I left the village yesterday. My first automobile trip since I drove home from school on Tuesday. I'd forgotten that the rest of the world existed and my trip to Somerfield was exciting - ooh, fancy that, ready made curry sauce. Yum!

I had to have an extra long sleep last night though to recover. We watched that dance show on BBC. God, was it dull. I think I might have enjoyed it more having not been exposed to 'hole in the wall' and the 'wipeout awards'. Drivel of the utmost drivelness.

I had a good trawl through some magazines that Granny had brought over though. 'The Lady' is becoming something of a favourite of mine and I'd bought 'Gardener's World' as there is a seed offer and advice on growing potatoes in pots. I checked planting times whilst Anton du Beck talked to celebrities, rendered unrecognisable in unpleasant lycra.

So....will we, won't we be back to normal tomorrow. Will it, won't it snow? I want the thaw to come now.


Only Me said...

Your routine sounds very similar to mine, although I can't include work on my list, unless you count 'domestics'. Am off for a read of the Sunday papers now and yes please start the thaw NOW.

Georgina said...

The bin men won't come, we won't be back to normal, it will snow again, and the telly will all be rubbish, from now on until forever.....Hey Ho!!

Gill said...

Dare I say that I thought it was thawing a little just now (though a bit of snow is still falling) and immediately panicked at the thought of having to get back to "normal". I'm quite enjoying the dormouse existence!

Quite agree with the rubbish that was on the tv last night. Really really wanted something riveting to watch and entertain me.

marigold jam said...

I think we are all fed up with it now but I have just been reading an article in yesterday's paper about the winter of 1947 and boy have we got it easy this year! I was 3 then but don't remember it though I do remember the winter of '63 when I was flat sharing with a couple of other girls and we had no heating apart from the coal fire which we lit on our return from college. We used to put a shilling in the gas and sit round the open oven till the fire got going and then went to bed all in the same bed for warmth!! The toilet indoors froze so we couldn't flush it too! I want the thaw as much as anyone but this is nothing compared to those winters! Mind you I was younger then.


hausfrau said...

Thank God a feeling of normality has appeared today with a return to school all round! I'm afrid I hope that's it 'though my daughters won't be pleased.