Sunday, 24 January 2010

third time lucky

I can't post. This is my third attempt and I can't think of anything to say. Have I come to the end of my bloggeration? Is this it? I do not know.

I know I'm having a stop-start start to 2010. If one idea presents itself, another one turns up that makes the first one impossible. I start one thing, only to find I am compelled to do another.

I'm writing a bit, making a bit, ukuleling (?!) a bit, knitting a bit but it's all, well, a little bitty and very unsatisfactory.

I blame the two weeks of snow working in hour spurts in between snow clearing and sledging. My concentration levels are those of a gnat. My mind is whirring. I have to write almost everything down. My brain feels like an over-stuffed box file. Perhaps it's hormonal?

I have accomplished several things today, however:
- I have dusted the kids' rooms (the saint of housewives will forgive me, I hope for the state I found them in)
- I changed their bedding (St. Vita - see above - forgive me)
- I have filed all my bank statements and paperwork
- I have displayed the paper I distressed at a workshop yesterday
- I persuaded E to make fairy cakes. She is definitely the best fairy cake maker in the house
- I drafted a couple of articles for my imaginary editors

I am trying not to be too hard on myself as I realise that my ever-growing list of 'to-dos' is not going to go away. Everything on that list is simply my life but with added optional extras (added by me).

Apologies for the short post. Normal service will resume shortly.


marigold jam said...

If I had achieved as much as you have I'd consider it a good day! I know the feeling of flitting from one thing to another and finishing the day with a feeling of having achieved nothing - I think it is probably a woman's lot!!


Georgina said...

Hey girl - step away from the hyperbole!!
You are achieving and you will blog again - or else where will I get my dose of Wiltshire wit and wisdom?

pinkfairygran said...

Like you, I sometimes feel I have blogged out and have nothing else worth saying. I do have a final post on my Three R's though, which will be to announce a big Giveaway knitting themed. Other than that, the mind is a blank.... but what does it matter, doubt anyone will miss me if I don't blog, but that doesn't matter either. Apathy rules OK?

hausfrau said...

I'm with Marigold Jam, you seem to have achieved far too much for a Sunday! I played in the garden and read a bit of my book and watched Dr Zhivago: nothing useful at all!

Karen said...

Hey--you found something to say, right? And you got plenty done, too. It's just ordinary life--its'fun to read about!!! Doesn't need to be anything more. . .

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hi there!
Thank you for offering to take part in my PIF. Unfortunately your name didn't come 'out of the jug' but I will send you a little treat anyway :-)
I've still got your address from the letter swap giveaway... so something should be in the post to you in the next couple of weeks.
Happy days to you,
Denise x

Only Me said...

Sounds like you had a very industrious day.

I'm always one for a list - if I don't write it down, I do forget.

Are there any fairy cakes left....