Saturday, 2 January 2010

numerically speaking

It's the 2nd

of 1st


I have developed a slight fixation about the numerological development of this year.

01 01 10
02 01 10
03 01 10

and soon it's going to be

10 01 10
11 01 10

at some point it will be

10 10 10

and then, eventually, next year...

11 01 11

This MUST mean something to someone somewhere?
Any numerology experts out there?
I need to google 'binary'.

PS: Happy Birthday Florida Lady - you know who you are!


Only Me said...

It looks nice the way you've laid it out too.

Karen said...

Cool! Happy New Year!

Georgina said...

I used to be very interested in numerology, waned a bit, but I am still intrigued. How are you feeling about the 2012 mysteries?

countrymummy said...

G - I need to google the mysteries as well - what are they?