Sunday, 17 January 2010

igloo, hegloos, shegloos, theygloos




9am the following am

Better late than never: some igloo photos. I played no part in its construction apart from general encouraging words from my laptop whilst working. Oh yes, and regular health and safety instructions on how snow buildings can collapse and cause injury, especially to small children. Oh yes, and regular supplies of hot chocolate and tea.

It was a communal effort - the Ls, the Ws, the Ms. They all played their part.

The igloo is now nothing more than a circular arrangement of Gormley-like figures.

The inconvenience of the snow pales into the horror that is Haiti. While children there were being dragged from buildings, ours were making one of out of snow without even shouting at each other (much). Yet another time to remind myself how fortunate we are and that our daily ups and downs are tiny and worth little worr or stress.


Only Me said...

It was a grand construction and I'm very pleased we had a viewing before the big thaw. All we have left on our lawn is a sad looking frosted carrot that had been our snow penguin's beak.

marigold jam said...

Love the igloo and you are right the Haiti tragedy makes us all realise how unimportant our little concerns are in the greater scheme of things.