Monday, 21 December 2009

synchronicity city

Here I am typing away, wondering what little gem I can show you today, I am looking out of my window onto a couple of inches of icing snow on the top of next door's wheelie bin AND 'White Christmas' is playing on Radio 2. Sometimes things just come together, don't they?!

I now have the conundrum that I DO NOT DRIVE when it snows. Yes, a little pathetic, I know but once, a long time ago, I drove in the snow to go the sales in Bromley and I did a gentle slide along a suburban street, into a parked car. It wasn't a high speed incident but I didn't like it and I don't want to be involved in something like that again. It's best I just admire the snow, go for a walk in the snow and then wait for the snow on the road to melt.

I find myself in a conundrum as I have last minute things to source for the festivities. The fridge is full, the wine and beer and sherry supplies are buoyant but, as happens every year, we have run out of wrapping paper and I've got a pair of ill-advised boots to return to M&S before the post-Christmas queues grow. I'm also quite keen to buy a turkey to cook to have cold. I don't have to cook Christmas lunch which is a wonderful treat but has the downside of no leftovers.

Having said that, I am no leftover queen. I make stock. I freeze stock. I defrost stock when I need space in the freezer for ice cream. This does not make me feel frugal or green or pious. It makes me feel a little ridiculous.

We watched 'Cranford' last night. Is it me or have the bonnets got bigger?


LittleBrownDog said...

Yes, I too thought the bonnets looked bigger, but put it down to our new telly where everything looks bigger. And completely understand your unwillingness to drive in snow - me too. I have a feeling the village shop is about to do rather well out of me today. I probably do have a bit of spare wrapping paper, if you're still without.

PS Those mantlepiece Christmas trees look lovely - are they your own?

countrymummy said...

Dear LBD - am taking a trip with the intrepid SB this pm but if we don't get further than Little Somerford, I may have to come and raid your stocks! Yes - the xmas trees are all my own work! Am v.pleased with them.

Gill said...

I quite understand your stock situation. We frequently have conversations along the lines of "Shall we throw this away now or put it in the freezer to throw away in six months time?"

And snow is no fun to drive in, I agree.

Only Me said...

I love the Christmas trees especially as they're knitted by your own fair hand - they're great.