Wednesday, 2 December 2009

the proper care and husbandry of lists

Almost every blog I've seen contains at least one list, and most of them contain more than one - lists of links, books, interests, followers (hopefully), tweets, feeds, online collections of information, favourite knits, favourite foods....I'll stop there because now I'm making a list without even thinking about it.

ANYWAY. I'm reading a book by a lady called Barbara Sher called 'What do I do if I want to do everything'. It's one of the most interesting self-help books I've ever read, mainly because it tells me that my interest in a wide range of (often unfinished) projects means that I am rather special and a 'scanner' rather than a flaky diletante (?!) with the attention span of a 6 year-old nativity Joseph.

I do like a self-help book that tells me I'm marvellous, not mad. of the exercise she suggests (amongst others, such as placing your 'Scanner Day Book on a pedestal if one was to possess such a thing) is to make a list of things you don't have an interest in, thereby ruling out some of the pressure us flibbertigibbets feel when we overcrowd our waking minds with 'ooohhhs and aaaaahhhhs' over every potential hobby to take up, interest to explore, exhibition to visit, book to read.

Here's my top ten list of things I do not, no never, ever want to explore further:

- sport beyond the level of how it infiltrates my life at the moment being married to a man and mother to a son (both fairly obsessed)
- deep see diving
- pottery (making of)
- orienteering
- pot-holing
- huntin', shootin', fishin'
- archaeology (unless it involves fabric/yarn/sewing boxes)
- science
- crime/reading about crime/reading about criminals/forensic scientists/CSI/waking the dead

I feel free already!

The book above is another suggestion of a self-help/enabling book. Apologies if you've seen it already. I have a sneaky feeling I might have posted the pic when I bought the book during the summer.

Julia Cameron of 'The Artist's Way' is the messenger on this one....morning pages. Not 'Morning, Pages' but 3 pages of long-hand writing every morning. I manage this for a week at a time, probably about once a month before I give up because it invariably becomes a solitary, early morning moan-fest but, weirdly, it's starting to work. I've started to write things that don't start with 'I don't know why, but....' and 'the problem with x is........'

Day 3 of advent and the Celebrations that were left from the re-usable chocolate advent calendar have been decimated, leaving only the Snickers and the Bounties. It's OK though - the huge, enormous, re-usable tubs were 'Buy one Get one Free'. There's another one in the cupboard - we can keep going!


Gill said...

That sounds like such a useful book - thanks for sharing the details. I need to investigate.

Your list of "don't need more of" is remarkably like mine. Sport? Why?

And finally, bring the Snickers over - himself goes for them first! Swap you for the Galaxy Caramels....

hausfrau said...

I love lists but have never thought of making one of things I don't need to do/want to know more about. I can't decide if this is genius or a further displacement activity! I may have to try it..

Only Me said...

You mean you don't want to give pot holing a whirl ....

I too like a list and it is very long at the moment.

Lorrie said...

I read one of Barbara Sher's books a few years ago and found it incredibly liberating. I'm a scanner - I can say that proudly and not be ashamed to flit from one thing to another.
Making a list of things I'm NOT interested in is a brilliant idea! I must have missed that one.