Wednesday, 30 December 2009

new year's peeve.....

I like New Year's Eve. I like it because it is the end of something and the beginning of something, all at once. It's a marker, a signpost, a line. I like to celebrate New Year's Eve although that doesn't always mean a boozy party.

This NYE marks the end of a decade. We spent NYE 1999 with friends, each of us had chosen our favourite ten songs, EVER, because it was 1999. We ruined our friends' new rug shuffling and hopping about to Blur, Pulp and Nirvana with a little bit of Aretha Franklin and Polish covers of bad, sad rock songs. It was fun.

This year, G is 'on call'. Having never been in such a position before, he doesn't know what that actually means. I doubt it will mean putting a flashing light on top of the car and rushing off to a cellar flood in Evesham but, you never know. What it does mean, however, is that he won't be concentrating on having a good time on NYE.

G & I do not have the same approach to NYE. I like to spend NYE with friends and loved ones with something sparkly. No other elements are required. G is of the NYE element that has to have a good time, right from the start of the celebrations, otherwise NYE is NO FUN. The 'on call' element involved in this year's celebrations is likely to put a dampner on his enjoyment of anything other than a DVD and a pleasant family meal.

My instinct is to accept this arrangement and stay at home but I can't help myself wanting to pass around the dips and nibbles and hop around my living room at 12.05am.

Perhaps a night in with Graham Norton and Jools Holland is the way to go.

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Only Me said...

I'm very pleased you 'couldn't help yourself' cos we loved the dips, the nibbles and the party games too.

The B's wish the B's a VERY Happy 2010.