Saturday, 12 December 2009

little boots

Just because they are here for a short while and where else could you display a pair of gold lame (read larmay) boots other than on your very own Christmas tree.

I've been watching Kirstie Allsop handmaking her Christmas. Well, you knew I would. I like KA. I think she's jolly and sensible and a bit of champion of the handmade. I wish, however the producers of the show had decided to shoot some more footage or do something instead of repeating the same sections of VT ad nauseum until I was forced to switch off after the 7th time I'd seen the blown blue bauble and the 8th time I'd learned that this was the first Christmas celebrated at Meadowgate for 37 years.

I'm all for Kirstie celebrating local craftsman and having a go at making a polar bear from icing but there really needed to be a bit less wadding.

E & I went Christmas shopping this morning and we had a lovely time. It was great to see her taking such care over her present buying and making such considered choices. We stopped for coffee at the Brewery Arts cafe and saw the most magnificent experience of paper cuts and sculptures. When I remember to look up the relevant artists. I'll post something useful about it. I've already taken my scalpel to an ordnance survey map after being inspired.

Am off to Malmesbury Abbey for a rousing carol and brass band concert this evening. I have just finished my Christmas cards and am planning a little mince pie making for the morrow.

I do love the countdown to Christmas...

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Only Me said...

I do like your little larmay boots.

I think I might have mentioned it .. but I do like a brass band! Even better than a choir - although I do like a good carol.