Friday, 18 December 2009

is it a horse, is it a goat?

I have no idea, it's blue and it's sparkly. This one is Cath Kidston 2009. I try to limit myself to one or two new decs each year but I've been a bit greedy this year.

I went to a workshop a while ago and some of the attendees were a little sniffy about Ms Kidston and her work - too samey, too everywhere, too easy etc. I love a bit of CK and I am grateful for her because she made pretty-retro OK again and I like that fact that even if you don't want to pay CK prices, it's possible to root about and get that look from all sorts of other places high-street or vintage. CK can be a bit pink for my liking but I love the spots and the florals and the sewing boxes.

As I type I think I can see a few tiny snowflakes. We are way out west and far awyay from the whiteout in Kent but, could there possibly be a chance of a white Christmas? How great would that be?

It's the last day of term for the kids and I am going to have the house to myself in an hour or so. I've got lots to do as we're having our first Christmas celebration tomorrow. Venison pie.


pinkfairygran said...

It's a bit strange, that's what it is! But strange is good sometimes, blue and sparkly lets it off the hook! We have whiteout in my bit of Norfolk too.... complete chaos as usual, buses all to pot, schools closed, many people minus power, and no gritters have been out at all, even on a major road! Mini rant over on my blog about that!

hausfrau said...

So glad to hear you have a traditional approach to tree decoration. We have been collecting baubles for years and there is something rather lovely about unwrapping them each year and remembering where they all came from.. well, where most of them came from! Youngest is given an ornament for Christmas every year by her godmother and when she leaves home there will be a dirth of tasteful, expensive style, but the memories will remain.

Karen said...

Maybe a dog with black ears? Very, very pretty color whatever it is!

Only Me said...

I do like the blue and sparkly but not sure what it is! And today, a few days after your post, we have snow, at least 1.5 cm! That's a lot for us in the wild west - maybe it will be a white Christmas.