Saturday, 19 December 2009

global festivities

We bought a set of 12 animal decorations in India on our travels years ago. Each year we count out the menagerie and each year we carefully count them back into their battered box with it's tiny squares of wadding which protect them for the other 11 months of the year. This year E arranged them around the bottom of the tree, giving it something of a Noah's Ark quality. I would hate to lose any of them.

We also swapped the Swatch watch we'd worn between us for the whole 16 month trip for some papier mache baubles which also take pride of place. They'll be along sometime this week.

I had a lovely web-wandering last night...

** a bun can dance has a great post about gift giving at Christmas **

** hen house has a magical tour around her festiva abode **

** 1/4 of an inch has posted a beautiful collection of makes and creations **

Enjoy your pre-Christmas weekend. I'm sure there will be some festivities occuring.

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Only Me said...

They're lovely and how great to be reminded of your travelling memories each year when they come back out.