Wednesday, 23 December 2009

getting carried away

This time last week I was looking forward to the kids finishing school, me finishing school and a week of gentle preparation before Christmas day. This week, I am wondering if I was slightly misguided.

I have one child who simply cannot wait for FC to arrive and is on serious countdown duty. I have another, who, is flipping between being ill and somewhat random. It's taking sometime for us to settle into our usual family pattern of jogging along quite nicely with the occasional spat. We seem to be spatting more and jogging less. Perhaps it's me.

I do get the sense that Christmas is changing for us as J & E get older. I find it harder to find presents that don't involve some kind of wireless application. I want them to have pencils and colouring books still but I think they'd prefer a dvd. There are some traditions that do not change. I always buy them pyjamas even though I don't really think of them as an actual present. I just like the idea of new pyjamas on Christmas day. I'm sure they'll be delighted!


pinkfairygran said...

I consider myself lucky that my sons grew up in an era when colouring books, a board game, Tonka cars, simple Lego, variety boxes, books, jimjams and a jumper maybe, were all acceptable and just what they wanted. None of this electronic stuff which is so expensive and only serves to make them retreat further into their own little worlds and away from the family. The nearest we got to a plug or anything electrical was Scalextric and a train set... aah, those were the days!Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Only Me said...

I know what you mean - I seem to have two children also on countdown duty and they're not keen to go outside and 'run it off' cos its sooo cold. Nearly there, and I'm sure it will all be lovely, lovely.