Sunday, 13 December 2009

cup of festive cheer

Posting deco #2. I add to my collection each year, randomly, of course and I found this with its natural partner at Lexi Loves in Cirencester yesterday. It's by Gisela Graham.

I would make links on your behalf to both of these people but the links I found by googling aren't very useful. Please do not miss the 's' from Lexi Loves as I cannot responsible for the more risque websites you'll come across.

Gisela Graham is stocked far and wide - I'll leave you to do the google-work.

Mince pie making is calling but I've got a weird sensation in my neck and ears. I may be about to be struck with the festive flu....timing is, as always, everything.

1 comment:

Only Me said...

It looks good enough to eat.

Hope the lurg isn't lurking - maybe a sweet sherry is called for whilst the mince pies are cooking.