Saturday, 26 December 2009

betwixt and between

Yes, thank you, we had a lovely Christmas. We spent the morning opening far too many parcels to and from ourselves and from others. We were treated to a splendid and scrumptious meal by C&P. We played some fab games. We drank some very lovely wine. We indulged in some Christmas port and we watched a bit of comedy TV magic.

Our Boxing Day has been a quieter affair. Two of us went to see West Ham beat Portsmouth. The other two, thought about being dropped off in Knightsbridge to experience THE SALES but thought better of it and stayed in our new Christmas pyjamas. We then thought about going to the pictures (sorry, cinema) but decided that we could watch 'The Spiderwick Chronicles' instead. One of us then fell asleep and had a decidedly disquieting dream about Rob Brydon and an owl.

We went for a walk - to clear my mind and to pick up our cheese board from yesterday's feast. I so needed that walk, despite the rain. We saw a rainbow and wondered whether it's foot was at the bottom or the top of Hollow Street. It disappeared before we got there.

So...Christmas is officially over for another year. I am managing to reign in my Boxing Day compulsion to gather the Christmas cards into a pile and clear the decks. It will need to be done before New Year's Eve as we all get back to normal on 4th January and I really don't want to be picking up pine needles on 3rd.

I enjoy this week between Christmas and New Year. There's not a lot to do but an awful lot to think about. I look back on the year before and make my usual list for the following year. My main priority for the next couple of days is to prune my list into a manageable, achievable one. There are so many interests I want to pursue at the moment and I know I am setting myself up for disappointment if I try to do everything (again).

2009 has been a year of change and movement - some lovely, some not so lovely and I want 2010 to a year of consideration and consistency. As I type I'm not sure I'm going to get that. Consistency and consideration have never been two of my strong points - I'm a more adaptable, flexible kind of gal, taking what comes at me and trying to make the best of it. Perhaps as I get older I'd quite like to direct some of the proceedings instead of hanging on and trying to make everything come good.

So...lots of lists over the next couple of days. I had a beautiful red leather notebook for Christmas. Just ready for the start of 2010.

Enjoy your Quality Street. I love the barrels.

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Only Me said...

Sounds like a perfect Christmas Day - we thought it was top comedy TV magic too.