Saturday, 5 December 2009

be prepared....

We have been invited out for Christmas lunch by friends who we invited for last year's Christmas lunch. We will eat late so that we can all indulge our respective Christmas traditions.

Ours are very predictable - up to see what FC has brought, a slice of two of Terry's Choc Orange before breakfast, buck's fizz at breakfast, some of the party might get dressed at this point, a little more present opening (if we're lucky) and then absent friends at 11am.

This is usually followed by a collective appreciation of the goodies amassed and general festive indulgence.

I enjoy cooking Christmas dinner. I enjoy gathering the mountains of food, even if it's just for the four of us, naming my turkey (no, I don't know why, but I do), preparing red cabbage, telling G how much the turkey cost and watching his eyebrows shoot up, it's the little things that make Christmas, you know.

In any case, I do not need to source a turkey this year, so will not be able to name it. I might name the tree instead.

I have not been able to resist making cranberry sauce (for jars) and braised red cabbage (for freezer).

I love the insides of red cabbage. That combination of red-purple and cream is very pleasing.


Only Me said...

It sounds like a lovely, lovely Christmas ahead and I do like your pictures of red food.

Maybe you could call your Christmas tree Beverley...

Karen said...

I've never properly appreciated the beauty of red cabbages till this blog! Lovely photo!

Brown Dog said...

Oh where oh where did you get those cranberries from? Your Christmas sounds lovely and relaxed - we're never allowed turkey (other half doesn't like it) so spend most of december arguing about what we're going to have instead. Lovely pictures.