Sunday, 20 December 2009

as promised

Is there anyone else out there who has never made papier mache? I mentioned the fact that I'd never made it either as a child or with my own children at a gathering of school-associated mothers and I felt as if I'd dropped down the league table of mothering.

I associate papier mache with lumpen bits of school-craft no matter how many beautifully crafted examples of the technique I see. I look at this bauble and cannot see how it is papier mache. I concentrate on the painting and the jolliness of it instead.

We had our venison pie last night. I would have liked a bit more gravy and I had had an incident with the puff pastry but everyone seemed to enjoy it. J & G had brought delicious either sides of the main meal and a dastardly game of Pictionary rounded off the evening.

My only disappointment was that the Whittle did not win Strictly. Having not seen the programme, perhaps he had some kind of dance-trauma but I doubt it. I bet he danced the best just as he's done on every Saturday night since the show began. I bet Craig R-H's a bit cross this morning.


Only Me said...

Tis a lovely bauble. I too had never made papier mache until I tried to help K with her entry into the local show a couple of years ago. Well, what a gloopy mess, and it never dried - too much glue.

No dance trauma for Mr Whittle but gen public seemed to like the hobbit man.

hausfrau said...

Rickie danced beautifully as always, Chris is not as talented dance wise but was very entertaining so we weren't surprised Chris won. We liked them both so didn't mind which. Am enjoying your baubles. Might get mine out this afternoon!

Nalamienea said...

Hey! I have a bunch of venison in my fridge right now and would love your recipe for Venison Pie!

-gorgeous ornament too! :)

disa said...