Friday, 6 November 2009


According to my stars in last week's Sunday Somethingorother, I am to turn into a pumpkin this weekend. I've never been on time. I believe this is something to do with Saturn.

I read every astrological prediction that passes before me, sometimes taking it all quite seriously. I have no understanding of the logistics that result in the predictions, nor do I understand what most of the terminology. Indeed, I can't participate in what I would call proper astrology as I can't remember what time I've been told I was born. I'm sure I used to know but that little part of information has been put to the bottom of my mental filing cabinet.

However, I read every inch-long prediction that appears in relation to Libra and the 12th of the population (including myself) that must be Libran.

Starting this weekend I am going to keep these predictions and see what happens, just in case they are actually accurate. I am sure that the more scientific readers of this little blog will make me aware of the pointlessness of this exercise. I'm sure it won't last long. I think it might amuse me until Christmas and we shall see how we go.

To give you a sense of that I think will happen, most of my predictions involve being bad with money, procrastinating and seeing things from all points of view until it is too late to actually do anything about them. Now Saturn is on the horizon, perhaps this will change.


Kathy said...

Well here's how I've always understood the whole astrological thing to work:
the moon's gravitation pull causes the tides to rise and fall, so if people are made up of mostly water--- then why would not the heavenly bodies also have an effect on our movement and behavior as well?

There. Carry on tracking your predictions--- I'll be interested to hear how it happens for you ;)

Georgina said...

Well - I am a Gemini with Libra rising - I was told that the rising bit gets stronger as we age - so as I am also hopeless with money, a procrastinator of the highest order and a ditherer with a list of regrets for waiting until it was too late - perhaps there is something in all this. I am also a cynic with a desperate urge to be a believer!!

pinkfairygran said...

I once kept a year ahead prediction, to see if it was accurate. I am a sceptic, I don't see how what they predict can possibly happen to all the other Saggies out there. But it was actually correct in a couple of instances, to my surprise. And I did use to keep them from month to month, pasting them in my journal, then looking back to the beginning of the month at the end of it, to see what had transpired. Having just started a new journal, think I might do it again.... could be an interesting experiment.

Only Me said...

I remember in my 'Jackie' mag reading days (a very long time ago) - I always used to skip what was up with Saturn and go straight to the love life section - likely to meet dark, handsome etc - I'm so shallow.

hausfrau said...

I have absolutely no belief in astronomy having any influence on my life - but just in case, I don't read them, then they can't can they?

countrymummy said...

Dear K - thanks for the heads up on the gravitational explanation.
Dear G - what does 'rising' mean? I think we sound spookily similar...
Dear P - love the idea of journalling them, I love the pictures too, astrological illustrators must be very busy people
Dear O - you know you can get a Jackie CD now?
Dear H - I think I may be one of those people who reads horoscopes and then just interprets them to fit however I feel..we shall see!