Monday, 9 November 2009

start the week stargazing....

Here is the prediction from this week's horoscope from the Daily Telegraph's Stella magazine and written by Caroline Pryce:

"Venus moving into the wealth corner of your chart bodes well for the bank balance. Librans are not known for being big savers, so this extra cash comes just in time. Don't run it so close in the future."

Do you see what she's done there? Given me some hope and told me what I already know, all in three sentences. I would make a rough guess that 2 out of every 3 horoscopes for Librans warns about spendthriftery and general financial ineptitude. Why is that?

I will review my week in the light of these three sentences and analyse whether they have reflected the activities and events of the next seven days. Just to see.


On a more terrestrial level, I am reading 'The Great Gatsby' at the moment. For book club. I am sure I did it for 'O' level, possibly even 'A' level. It's kind of brittle. I love the way the characters talk to each other with their eyebrows and their head tilts. I'd forgotten that it moves between the country and the city, too. I have to make myself finish it tonight. We're looking at Sebastian Faulks 'Engleby' tomorrow, too. I am not sure we will be able to compare and contrast very easily. I'm not too anxious about it as we are not requred to discuss the book(s) for very long. Sometimes I wish we were.

I read about a book club recently that themes their discussions. So, for example, they might do 'power' and everyone can choose a book they think reflects that theme and then talk about it at the next meeting. We have a list, everyone gets to choose a title and we read through them over a period of months. It's been a really enjoyable exercise. Most recently we've been alternating classics and more modern fiction. I'm a bit of a modern girl myself. I dragged my way through 'Wuthering Heights' and didn't get further than the first paragraph of 'Frenchman's Creek'.

There are a rolling number of about 12 members. Some always finish the book, no matter whether they enjoy it or not. I am of the other persuasion. If I don't like the first chapter, I don't persevere. I am far too old and impatient to waste my time reading something if I can't find something enjoyable within its pages.


I am very excited to be spending the weekend at a workshop with Julie Arkell and am looking at the materials list I need to collect together. I am a little concerned that I won't be visually compatible with my fellow students. I have done a couple of Embroiderers' Guild workshops recently and my pieces never quite look like anyone else's. This workshop will involve vintage buttons and carefully sourced antique textiles. I am not sure my motley collection of items will pass muster. I suppose all I can do is take and see. The experience of working with a real-life textile artist will outweigh any potential anxiety about showing and telling of my bits and bobs.



Gill said...

I'm glad my book group isn't the only one to divert rather quickly from the title in hand! I'd like a little more direction though - our book choices seem hasty and ill considered and we often end up with something I fail to finish, because I am of similar mind when it comes to dull reading. this month it's The Elegance of the Hedgehog. Have you read that one yet?

hausfrau said...

Read Gatsby years ago inspired by the Robert Redford film and loved both. And I'll read anything by Sebastian Faulks; Engleby was page turning and beautifully written, but ghastly! Used to love Daphne du Maurrier but I'd have chosen Rebecca as the 'one' to read as a book club choice. I read all the time but am very bad at reading anything I HAVE to read, though I generally finish anything I start - except Dickens. I've never got beyond the first page!
Do you want to go through my button box?

Only Me said...

I like the 'theme' idea for book group, maybe a suggestion for next time. I'm struggling with Gatsby although I do need to sit down a read a proper 'chunk' of it, but that's not going to happen in the next 2 hours before we meet!

Your workshop sounds very exciting and it's good to be different - unique with style.