Friday, 13 November 2009

stargazing update

No sudden influx of cash to report. In fact, rather the opposite. I wish I knew when 'just in time' was so that I could make plans to spend my unexpected bounty. There wasn't even a minor discovery of change down the back of the sofa. I am not astrologically blessed this week, or so it would seem.

Apart from my astrological charting, all has been well. Lots of work, lots of kids stuff, panic about Christmas and not having even thought beyond 'it's *(&%ing/?> Christmas in 6 weeks and I've done *&^%$ all about it'.

I love Christmas. Or rather, I love Christmas day. I like getting the food together, the house decorated, the general sherry-ness of it all. What I don't love is the shopping. In fact, I think I have lost my shopping mojo.

I took a trip to Bath on Monday and found nothing to tempt me. I found presents for others but nothing for me. This is most unusual. In the run up to Christmas I make great attempts to sabotage all present buying by picking up a few extras 'pour moi'. I know it's not right but it's just inevitable. Not this year.

Even wildly expensive items that I occasionally long for did not inspire any sense of longing or desire. Maybe I need to get out more.

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Only Me said...

I'm sorry to hear your shopping mojo has gone - maybe its just temporary - think of the pennies you saved by not buying 'pour vous' and when put together with the astrological influx, which is due to arrive, think of all that lovely wool and craftiness you could purchase..