Monday, 23 November 2009

more mis-communication

"Watch out for a communication snarl-up tomorrow. Venus, your normally well-meaning ruler, squares up to Jupiter. The result - mercifully brief - is ruffled feathers and misunderstandings all round."
No - sorry Caroline, passed me by.

For G: "A partnership gets a much-needed boost of energy. It's all thanks to Mercury, your ruler, receiving positive strokes from dynamic Mars. Suddenly you remember what attracted you to each other in the first place"
Well - that's more like it!

I think I may give up on the astrology business. Perhaps I've just hit a fallow patch. Two weeks of predicted cross-words and wires and nothing. I've had a lovely day in Bath thank you, buying lots of presents for the man who says he doesn't need anything but who managed to produce a rather comprehensive and detailed list by 11pm last night. I did have a lovely time choosing things for him though. He doesn't shop so it's quite nice to have free rein (in theory). I got gift receipts although I imagine I'll lose them by Christmas Day. He'll just have to give in to my professional shopper tendencies.

Bath was windy. And rainy. And full. The bus was full. There were (manageable queues). Everything for Christmas 2009 will now be achieved on the interweb. There will be no more specific Christmas-related journeys.

We have a party to go to on 5th. I have nothing to wear. Well, I have nothing to wear that I haven't worn to other parties in the vicinity. There are lots of things I would like to wear but I need to lose a stone and get Madonna-like arms in 2 weeks time. I really don't want to go down the jeans and sparkly top route. Perhaps I shall go down my usual retro-route with ridiculous shoes route (again).


pinkfairygran said...

Oh how thankful I am that I don't 'do' shopping or parties!! That I no longer have queues of the great unwashed to contend with, crowded overheated noisy shops, or the angst of 'I haven't got anything to wear!' Never done parties, think I can count the number I have attended AND given in my almost 60 years on the fingers of half a hand!
Enjoy yours though!

Only Me said...

You look great in retro - I shall probably be in my usual of jeans, boots and a woolly, I do feel the cold!
I think t'internet Christmas shopping is the way to go although I may have to brave the crowds just once.

LittleBrownDog said...

Oh, but you look fab in retro and great shoes. Definitely a woman with style. Hmmm - so is G a Gemini or Virgo, then? Wish I'd been in Bath today instead of blustery M'bury. Feel I need a bit of a change of scenery.

countrymummy said...

LBD - how did you know? G is indeed a Gemini. Aren't I lucky?! We have 3 air signs in the house and a Scorpio. Can't remember what that one is. Perhaps you could do a family star chart, see what's in stor for us in the teenage years? Perhaps that would be too scary.

hausfrau said...

No one but you will actually remember what you've worn before, and you will look lovely and feel comfortable if you wear what you like. I think I'm looking forward to a trip to Bath with Eldest tomorrow...

Karen said...

The only one who notices what we wear is ourselves. You'll look just great. I'm sure of it--way over here in Michigan!