Saturday, 14 November 2009

is making the new buying?

I've just read my last post. I am having an epiphany (no, that's not a character in Eastenders - silly). It's a moment of revelation.

I have tipped my personal balance from the thrill of finding the perfect outfit/handbag/haircut/cushion/duvet/ginger-chocolate biscuit to the love of making and knitting and stitching and faffing about with tiny scraps of fabric and paper.

It's been obvious for a while, of course, but Monday's trip to Bath (tragic) to today's stitchy workshop in Stroud (magic) has made it crystal clear. I'd much rather be making things than buying things.

That's not to say I can't be tempted by a bit of art/craft retail therapy. Take me to any market town and I'll sniff out the stationery/art/craft/fabric related establishments within 30 seconds of leaving the (usually very expensive) car park.

However, rails of identikit accessories and generic garments just leave me cold. There is, however, a problem. I am neither young enough, slim enough or stylish enough to carry off outfits made from a pair of curtains and some ironmongery - I am not a Von Trapp. What am I to do? When I wear vintage, it looks like charity shop. I stick to boring jeans, the occasional interesting piece of knitwear and my rapidly thinning boots. I am, frankly bored with my clothes but don't know where to turn.

I want, somehow to transfer my love of making objects and things, to making clothes but although I love(d) the handmade quality of the clothes made for me as a child. Something tells me I will have neither the patience nor the skill to turn out something that looks OK. I don't want to make shirts or trousers, just something simple in amazing fabric. Something that looks interesting and well-made.

I can knit and hand-stitch till the cows come home. Clothes are a different matter.

PS: Just cried at 'Strictly' when Laila's leg gave way. How emotional is that?!


Only Me said...

An epiphany sounds like it might be painful but I'm so pleased Stroud was magic and I'm sure you can make amazing clothes - you spot lovely fabrics and have great style.

Brown Dog said...

I like the sound of your epiphany. The only trouble when I make things is that they turn out either the wrong size or something that looks nothing whatsoever like the perfect little picture I started off with in my head. I think my approach to making things sounds a bit like your approach to books - if I don't like the first paragraph, I shove it into a bulging cardboard box of monstrosities under my bed. Several paragraphs of knitting there, I can tell you.

By the way, if you want a proper horoscope doing, bung your details over. I think Libras have a lot going for them (mind you, I have to say that - I share my living space with two of them, so I've got to cling on to some vestige of hope).

pinkfairygran said...

In my head I see me sitting at the sewing machine with beautiful fabrics, running up an interesting item of clothing.... a gorgeous skirt, a patchworky waistcoat etc. In reality I know this is a pipe dream. Like you I can knit and sew, but dress-make? Nah, can't do that. I could wear designer and within minutes I'd look like a bag lady, would have spilled food down the front probably. I hate clothes shopping, which is why today I am wearing a Laura Ashley skirt I bought over twenty years ago!!! It has been washed countless times, despite the label saying it should be dry cleaned only.... it's brushed cotton, what harm can a wash do? Plus a tee shirt that's four years old, a long soft comfy cardi ditto, and a glittery scarf ditto again.