Monday, 2 November 2009

fun (guys) in the woods

The short red wellies are mine - a birthday attempt to become a proper country girl - they're Hunters you know!

A skyscraper of welly-proof mushrooms.

A chipped mushroom, love the edging on this one - is it magic?

The only puffball I've seen that isn't a skirt.

I've discovered photo-cropping. I know, it's taken me a while to catch up with the rest of the blogosphere. I do like a mushroom, more to look at than to eat. I like the undersides better and recently treated myself to a mushroom guide. Of course, I haven't looked inside it yet but it sits on my desk, waiting patiently for attention.

The sun is shining today. I am not, in theory, working today but as my car is being serviced and MOT'd (total so far £249 + VAT) I am gathering and collating my week's working necessities so that I can increase the possibility of a good night's sleep before I go back into school.

My early wakening continues - this morning at 4am - a record! I did notice, however, that a milkvan drives past our house at 5.30am which may have been the culprit in my pre-hour-going-back early awakening. That's one mystery solved then.

Why 4am? I do not know. I have made a conscious decision today that I will embrace the extra hours in my day for as long as it takes for my biorhythms or whatever is going on rights itself. It seems to me that if I am going to be awake at ridiculous hours in the morning, I might as well do something enjoyable, like knitting or writing or sewing. Perhaps I have just tripped into older-person's sleep patterns where I just don't need as much sleep anymore. Perhaps my well-known capacity for sleep has topped my sleepbank up so much, my hypothalmus or whatever is self-regulating.

Another tactic I am going to employ is 'mood mapping' which I read about yesterday. Written by a Dr. Liz Miller 'Mood Mapping' looks like a very sensible approach to thinking about and recording daily moods, activities, energy etc. I need to buy the book really but, as I said, am housebound and I don't want to go on Amazon as my MOT/service is going to wipe out any ad-hoc purchasing power I have for the month.

To go back to Sussex....I loved this water carrier that was hanging in the scullery of one of the tudor houses. I love the elongated shape and the neck would make a great clasp mechanism. Oh to be a handbag designer.


hausfrau said...

Get you! I've only just got the hang of adding a photo: cropping is a long way off. Lovely pictures! Always feel I should pick mushrooms and treat them as part of nature's bounty but I've no idea which ones are safe to eat.

Only Me said...

Very nice RED wellies - are you going to be purchasing some tweed to make the country girl complete!
I do like the puffball mushroom - great photo.
Hope the Punto passed and the bill wasn't too scary.

Georgina said...

Love the wellies, hear the bemusement with the sleep thing - light is not good enough at 4 am to be creative here - and like you MOT month precludes purchase of daylight bulbed lamp!!!