Sunday, 29 November 2009

ever-decreasing circles....

First of all, thank you to those of you who have boosted my confidence regarding an imminent party and what to wear. I think I have found the solution and may post a photo if I have time during next week.

My astrological experiment is wearing thin. With so little time to post, I find posting about one thing too restrictive. I've come to accept that random-ness in these things is no bad trait. Within three weeks of recording my predictions, all I can say about them is either 'yes, they came true' or 'no, it didn't happen'. I've realised that the act of reading those little predictions, for me, are an excuse for me to have a little personal contemplation on what's around me and either feed my worries or congratulate myself on the small triumphs. I'll carry on posting them until Christmas, just to check I'm not being too hasty but, in the longer term, this little piece of research is definitely on the way out.

Last week has been one of repetition and circularity. At work I have been going to the meetings where I've heard the same thing before (several times). At home I have been tidying the same three rooms and repeating my housework chores.

My approach to housework has shifted slightly. I've never been completely idle around the house but neither have I ever been able to adopt a routine. This means that I've always felt slightly overwhelmed by the things that haven't been done, the loose ends, the pile of ironing, the over-due bathroom cleaning.

There have, however, been some changes and a shift has occured:
- I'm hardly at home during the week by myself. This means that I am never here, alone, feeling resentful that somehow it's up to me to do everything. Result? Less thinking about housework and a willingness to do stuff when it's needed and ask for help instead of sulking.
- G now does his own ironing, regularly and, sometimes, the kids' too. I know some people don't iron at all but I've never mastered the art of folding so ironing has to happen here.
- I'm actually starting to enjoy the process of housework, I think, because the reduction at time at home means that tidying up and cleaning is becoming a bit of a change from sitting in front of a laptop (how weird is that)
- I'm doing my 'appreciate 3 things' every day and it's starting to make me think that there are far worse things in life than being able to hoover my own carpet in my own house once or twice a week

Now, it's only taken nearly 15 years of marriage and 12 years of motherhood to work this out. How long it will last, who knows? Perhaps I am on the road to becoming an out and out domestic goddess?

I must confess, however, that 'my' room is smelling a little like a charity shop - all that vintage fabric and yarn from various sources. I can't help collecting bits and bobs from here and there. I even store it all in a vintage dresser and a g-plan cupboard that I got from a local antique warehouse. Fragrant suggestions would be most welcome.

I have also got the most delightful 24 hours lined up. This evening I am being treated to a showing of 'Coco before Chanel' and dinner at Whatley Manor by mum and tomorrow I am being treated to a day spa at Calcot Manor by G. Visits to luxury spa hotels are obviously like buses in my world. I'm enjoying the anticipation as much as I'm sure I'm going to enjoy my visits.


Only Me said...

I think you must be heading towards domestic goddess'dom.
I have to confess to having a bit of a routine with housework - I have a bit of a whirlwind of 'doing' on a Sunday, ready for the week ahead. I shout at the children if they dare to make a mess on my tidiness and then that's it 'til next Sunday.
Have a fab time at Watley and enjoy your pamper.

Georgina said...

On the astrology front, a full chart is a far cry from a daily star sign reading!
On the housework front, I am a tick-over-then-blitz person, a blitz usually provoked by imminent visitors! Occasionally I drop by and find it sometimes gives me a direction. Watching Kim and Aggie also brings on a bit of a spurt! But as the single most rapidly erased form of work, it ranks low in the joy stakes!!

hausfrau said...

This is your moment to make yourself some little hearts full of lavendar and hang them from the knobs in your room. You get to be creative AND can call it housework! Very envious of the pampering trips: how lovely!

LittleBrownDog said...

You're sounding very much like the full-blown domestic goddess from where I'm standing (on a slightly muddy kitchen floor next to a pile of breakfast things, since you ask). Enjoy your smart dinner, film and spa trip - sounds like a lovely few days you have ahead of you.