Sunday, 22 November 2009

barney-free week

There were no fireworks. The week passed without astrological confrontation. This astrological thread isn't going too well. I'm not living through the predictions in the way I had imagined. I was hoping for marvellous happenings and convincing connections. Perhaps I just missed the row. I had a busy time at work but having swapped my working days. I am slap bang in the middle of non-working time which, I have to admit, is just lovely.

E became 9 on Thursday. We celebrated with cupcakes, fish pie and sticky toffee pudding on Thursday evening with Granny and S. The adults didn't eat again until Friday evening.

We threw her a party on Friday night. Last year she had six friends for a sleepover. This year she had ten friends for a three hour bash. If my mathematics was better I could work out which was the most chronologically challenging.

No-one cried. No-one sulked. Everyone put blue eyeshadow on, some more accurately than others.

We dined on chinese and indian snacks which were viewed suspiciously but eaten in the absence of anything else. I'd made myself a selection of cheese and pineapple on sticks, thinking such a concoction would be beyond our charge's culinary experience - oh no - they disappeared in a thrice. Party rings and chocolate fingers completed the meal but, do not despair, there were some carrots to dip in houmous and grapes to help us feel we'd eaten something remotely healthy.

E became 9 with great happiness - all her birthdays came at once with a voucher for Claire's Accessories (I know, and with a mother who loves handmade), a dance mat and a High School Musical singing thingy for the wii. Everyone had a go until the sugar rush wore off.

A spirited game of 'who am I' - post-it notes on the head and lots of guessing followed by a slightly lacklustre game of 'charades', all but one of the girls were whisked away at 8pm.

As I loathe party bags and haven't filled one for a very long time, the partygoers took home a sparkly notebook and some sparkly pencils, all tied together with a piece of a giant fondant fancy (thank you Mr Kipling).

As soon as the weekend passes after E has her birthday, I finally realise it is Christmas. I am going to Bath tomorrow to do my Christmas shopping. I have asked for lists but none have been forthcoming.

What I don't do tomorrow will have to be done online or I'll make something. They have been warned.

I do like Christmas but as I get older, I like it more for the enforced break it make everyone have rather than the parties and the celebrations I used to look forward to. I love going to parties and being sociable in the run up to the day but I really love sitting about for four days after eating too much turkey. This, I know, does not make me a good or sensible person but I like to use it as a time to think and to plan. To look back at the previous year and look forward to the next. A decade ago we were all panicking about the millenium virus - I can't even think what it was called now. Ten years on there seems to be a huge long list of anxieties and worries to focus the mind and the sleepless nights.

Anyway....what are you doing for Xmas? Turkey and chipolatas or goose and bread sauce?

Ho ho ho!


Only Me said...

Am pleased that E had a very happy birthday and I know from inside info that E's party was a great success, in particular, the dance mat. Note to self for Christmas pressy idea for K.

Talking of Christmas, I really must get my brain in gear - it will be another good distraction from packing more boxes!

LittleBrownDog said...

Oh gosh, I've been saying no to party bags for years. Ever since a child came up and asked me for one after he'd been taken to the cinema and Pizza Express and consumed as many e-fuelled comestibles as he could cram into his mouth from out of a pinata, and I just thought, "bl**dy cheek!" Much to my child's embarrassment, no doubt. Since then, no one has dared ask me for a bloomin' party bag.

I, too, like turkey - so versatile afterwards, all those curries, fricassees, what nots... Unfortunately, the rest of my family says no, and I don't think I could manage one all by myself. Oh god - Christmas shopping. Is it really that time already?

hausfrau said...

Party bags are indeed unnecessary except in the eyes of the birthday girl who is mortified by her mother's behaviour!
Turkey this year, as I plan to feed the leftovers to my in-laws who are visiting en masse on the 28th... 18 of them. I'm trying not to think about it.