Monday, 26 October 2009

tree-mendously busy.....

Who knew trees could be such a tourist attraction? It was trunk to trunk pushchairs and wellies at Westonbirt yesterday afternoon. The acers were divine, the colours magnificent.

Granny's first trip there and we are now all fully-fledged members so we can observe the seasons on what is one of the greatest collections of trees in the world.

A small collection of photos (taken by E, mostly). I love the colour wheel made from leaves.

I am already planning a return visit, after half-term and during the week to soak up the autumnal mistiness and impending winter.


Only Me said...

Nice title - I like what you've done there!

Great photos too - the colours are amazing at Westonbirt and it will be even more magical during the week when the rest of the world isn't there.

Brown Dog said...

Eeek - we nearly went there, too, today, had it not been for a posse of mutinous 11-year-olds. Mind you, we'd have had to stay in the dog bit. Yes, amazing photos indeed. Might pop up there later this week and see for myself (might have to lose the dog first, though...)

hausfrau said...

Beautiful but crowded when you go for any of their 'special' occasions would be our view. We once went to the Christmas lights and it was absolutely stunning, but we rushed around at a fast pace in order to see as much as possible ahead of the crush of people. However glorious the woods they rather loose their charm when in a crowd not unlike the tube in the rush hour! Lovely photos!