Monday, 19 October 2009

reasons to be cheerful....

I have a critic. This critic (he? she? I don't know) is concerned about all aspects of my blogging life:

- my writing (I need lessons, apparently)
- the time I spend blogging (too much)
- the time I could spend doing something else (much more)
- a tendency to knit means I am a lazy housewife (is there such thing as a lazy housewife?)
- other peoples' support of my blogging (seemingly misguided)

I can say several positive things in return:
- he/she has taken the time to read my posts
- I am fascinating enough to incite thought processes and comments in whoever he/she is
- helpful advice has been shared
- there is someone out there on the interweb who cares enough to express their opinion so directly and forthrightly

Food for thought - other peoples' opinions about critics
- "Those who can - do. Those who can't - criticise" Anon
- "You know who critics are? The men who have failed in literature and art." Benjamin Disraeli
- "The great critic...must be a philosopher, for from philosphy he will learn serenity, impartiality and the transitoriness of human things." Somerset Maugham

My overwhelming reaction over the last couple of days has been appreciation of people who have rallied to my defence and expressed their enjoyment of this small space. Thank you. Please don't get too offended on my behalf. I don't mind constructive criticism. I'm sure there will be some more coming my way.

Onwards to some reasons to be cheerful:
- half term starts on Thursday
- I've been given Jenny Hart's new embroidery book for my birthday
- I have apples and pumpkins to pick from the allotment/garden
- my mum has moved back to England and is feathering her nest in a village nearby
- I went with her to a beautiful concert on Saturday night featuring Christ Church Cathedral Choir, a first-time experience for me, amazing and uplifting
- my recent bouts of insomnia are receding (two 8 hour nights in a row and I feel like a new woman/wife/mother)


Brown Dog said...

What is it about negative criticism that makes us hear it louder than the positive? But this sort of criticism really is not worth bothering with - it's neither constructive nor intelligent. Don't waste your time worrying about it - I think these people are what are known as trolls. Once he's had his little game and got his reaction, he'll go back under his dark little bridge and ferret out some other unsuspecting random blogger to try and get a rise out of. Bet he can't even cast on properly. Anyway, as you say, lots more reasons to be cheerful. Hope you had a jolly b/day, by the way.


Only Me said...

Definitely lots to be cheerful about - roll on 3.05 pm Wednesday.
Listening to a choir is very powerful and moving - I found myself regularly in tears and that's just from watching The Choir on TV - I love the idea of people brought together through singing.

pinkfairygran said...

Well, I couldn't resist going over to his blog, annoyed with myself because that's fulfilling his intentions but there you go... if I have something to say, I just say it and be damned! Good to know you don't give a fig anyway... I enjoy popping into your blog for a read. As Brown Dog says, he'll now try and ferret out someone else... bet it's me!!!!

Georgina said...

Yay!! Pumpkin!! A great big glowing globe of impossible-to-be-down Autumness

6p00e54fc7dc9b8833 said...

What an incredibly weird thing for someone to do!

The word verification for this comment is - appropriately persts, you only have to rearrange an s to the middle and add an i and you get the perfect action to take.