Saturday, 10 October 2009

meet Fred

Fred's best friends.

Fred's other friends...

Fred, having a lie down.

Fred and his pet peacock.

It took six hours at Little Somerford village hall, in the company of our tutor, Corinne Rennow-Clarke, to create our collection of neolithic dolls.

The workshop was inspired by Corinne's HNC studies a few years ago where she'd decided to explore figures and faces as her theme and became intrigued by neolithic carvings, shapes and markings.

I am pleased with Fred, although his eyes are a little too irregular for my liking. He seems quite dapper and I like to think of him as a dandier neolithic man than most with his sparkling stripes and his lime green french knots. On the french knot note, I am grateful to Corinne for curing my inability to make them. I enjoyed the process of making him and would like another six hours to come along so that I can make him a partner, a companion, a neolithic friend.