Saturday, 17 October 2009

a different perspective

I have been thinking about how in my small blogging world, everyone is so nice and kind and encouraging. I then received a comment from the 'crap blog detective' informing me that my blog was, indeed, crap. I clicked through to a very non-exciting blog with just one post, informing me again that my blog is, indeed crap. Is this some kind of spam thing? Or is it real?

I have no problem with someone thinking my blog is useless, neither that they share that opinion. I do though have a slight problem with someone who doesn't even blog/post expressing that opinion.

It has made me think, though why I bother and if I'm really honest I would say that I blog because it pleases me and I enjoy it. Perhaps that's not reason enough to write these posts. Perhaps I should really get on and make some of the changes I've been thinking of for a while.

PS: mr detective, I am not a lazy housewife....


Only Me said...

How very dare they - your blog is NOT crap, it's great and please keep going. Mr Detective should just 'blog' off.

The Crap Blog Detective said...

I admire your self-reflection and yes, you should stop blogging and make those changes you have been discussing.

Also, take a writing course. Something tells me you need it.

Georgina said...

OOOh errrr - that sounds like a horrible experience - one of those that you want to dismiss as either an obnoxious viral type thing where a sad person sets up a mass mailing, or as an obnoxious individual type thing where a sad person chances upon your blog and disses it as they diss everything in life that is not as sad as them. I like reading your blog for many reasons; I value your generous honesty, I like what you make and what you write, I like that you are in Wiltshire, a county I know well despite now living in Wales, I respect your ability to refelect, and I resonate with your carefully depicted lows. Please don't let a random fool curtail you in being you.
I have read blogs that are scathing and yet witty, the CBD is neither - its just nastyand should be ignored like a fart in good company!

hausfrau said...

Clearly he is a crap detective! It is the little things in life that connect us. I for one like to see what you're up to.



I've been meaning to pop over and say hello for a while and I came across your comment on my blog again just now, so no time like the present!

I couldn't believe what I have just read. That this could happen to you or anyone in blog land! I hope you really don't let it bother you because whoever did it must be a complete moron. I've just checked "it" out and obviously "it" is going round upsetting a lot of people with "it's" opinions and I guess that's exactly what "it" wants, lots of profile hits to fuel more nastiness and I'll probably get a target too now for writing this

Just ignore it, if you can!

I wanted to say that I found your insights very interesting and we all feel this way about life. We all need to stand back and review things and get things perspective. Things have a habit of creeping up around us, so I really hope you make a few changes that make YOU happy. Pop over to my blog any time you like for upbuilding comments and thoughts as we all try to work life out!!

Also, I like to say that I love Fred and his mates. They are original and quirky and funand I LOVE THEM! I do hope you read this and we connect. I will add your blog to my sidebar

Sending you hugs and best wishes

The Crap Blog Detective said...

Why are you trying to dissuade her from doing positive life-changing actions? Surely going outside and achieving things is a far better thing than being sat at the computer typing about it.

Unless she is just lazy.

countrymummy said...

To OM: thank you, as always for your support in all matters!
To CBD: have you done a writing course? which would you recommend?
To G: I think farts should always be ignored in ALL company, don't you?
To H: small stuff adds up to big stuff in my book
To LSR: I'm on my way over! Get the kettle on...
To CBD (again): do you get out much?