Thursday, 17 September 2009

we're connected

Simpsons, Nigel Slater, Masterchef.....happy days! G & I are also catching up with 'The Wire'. Sofa-heaven, made more so by some Green & Blacks and a nice cup of tea. Feather and fan is coming along nicely although I noticed an early error.


Only Me said...

Hooray - cosy, sofa nights in front of tele with tea - we'll soon be lighting our fires too.

Jenny said...

Mr FF and I have 20 episodes of The Wire to catch up on, sometimes we wonder why we ever started. Enjoy your telly.

Liz said...

Have fun in your sofa heaven. It's like coming back from a holiday and watching the recorded stuff. I always moan about all the episodes of whatever I need to get through to catch up but actually I quite enjoy watching in big chunks.

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello There Country Mummy!
You have won the Letter Writing Giveaway over on my blog - congratulations!!
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Have a fab weekend
Denise x