Tuesday, 22 September 2009

must label posts

I am inclined to be a little slapdash, un petit laissez-faire, a tad chaotic.

There are several things that I never remember to do:
- label my blogposts (I'm not sure whether this constitutes a blogging sin?)
- shut cupboards once I have been rummaging in them
- iron sheets
- sign and return forms from school by the date they are requested (despite working in schools and knowing that this can cause all sorts of kerfufflication)
- clean out my car
- leave my keys in the same place when I return home
- name my photographs
- other peoples' birthdays, I used to be good at this
- count my rows when I'm knitting
- wash out the milk carton for recycling
- load the dishwasher properly

Thank you for listening....are there any things that you know you should do but you don't?


Only Me said...

I'm not very good at filling the car with diesil,it's a pet dislike I have, I like to leave it until the last possible moment.
My car is a moving skip - I'm very proud to say it also only gets washed once a year at Christmas.
I'm also very good at putting things into piles and never sorting them out - they are nearly all teetering!

The Girl said...

I can be pretty bad at calling people back or reply to texts. I have a very bad habit of forgetting.

And I suck at making myself go to the gym.

My boyfriend always puts his keys in different places and then can never find them, much to my annoyance.