Wednesday, 23 September 2009

making connections....

One of my favourite bloggers, Jane Brocket at yarnstorm is writing about allotments, particularly a 385-plot site in West London. She has made a beautiful photo essay of a visit she paid to them recently.

One of my other favourite bloggers, Little Brown Dog at The World According to LBD has written a book about our village allotments, possibly the oldest allotments in England. There has been much celebration this year, as they turned 200 years old. Gardener's Question Time came to visit for two whole programmes, there was a picnic party in September and, most recently, a talk at the Swindon and Wiltshire History Centre about, well, their history. It has been fantastic to come together and celebrate the history of digging and growing and harvesting that has gone on for two centuries right on our doorstep.

Looking to the future, I hear that there are plans to include the site in the National Garden Scheme's Yellow Book next year. I share a plot with a neighbour and we are, shall I say, slightly haphazard although improving in our attempts to provide our nearest and dearest with fresh produce. We've finally got the hang of weeds but are still not great with the feast and famine aspect of growing too many courgettes and not enough carrots. Our plot is by one of the gates and likely to be one of the first any visitors see. That thought, quite frankly, gives me the horticultural hebegebees.

When I say the plot is on our doorstep, it's actually outside our kitchen window. I can see a pop-up tea shop, an awning with earl grey and carrot cake, Sunday afternoons.

Before we moved here I dreamt of an allotment, now I realise what I dreamt of was an allotment that was cultivated by someone who knew what they were doing and with the determination and energy to carry it through to make it look like my grandad's plot and produce some prize winning beans....maybe next year.

I've been writing about learning an instrument and crafting. I think growing produce, particularly allotmenting is part of the same thing....doing something yourself, enjoying the process as much as the product, feeling creative whilst engaging something practical and useful.

All good stuff.


A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello there Janice!
So pleased that you like the letter writing pocket !! The camper van picture is of our own, Ruby, we love her - it's like having a wendy house on wheels!
Happy writing, and well done for your strictly not watching challenge!
Denise x

Only Me said...

It has been a grand year for the allotment - it is fantastic what it brings to the community - the veg, it looks great and it brings people together and I've been very grateful for the yummy corgettes.

Georgina said...

I always think that living in the Garden of Eden must have been rather hard work! It's those pesky annual weeds that get me down at the moment. I just turn to cut a lettuce and 500 bittercress plants spring up behind me!
Still there is always next year - when all will be Sarah-Raven-style abundant!