Tuesday, 1 September 2009

a little something from the weekend

Of course, everyone knows that all you need is.....love, love, love is all you need.

I spent the time when not queuing to see Banksy's creations listening to Radio 2's Beatles weekend. I quite like the Beatles but G doesn't. I also like Simon & Garfunkel. G doesn't. I really like harmonies and tunes and I love the fact that those lyrics and songs are so ingrained in our culture that almost every body from the tiniest tot to the most aged of grannies will have heard at least one of them.

I listened to an interview with the guy who helped the Beatles make their sound and the craft that went into splicing tapes and moving chairs and recording snippets of sound to building layer upon layer of music was incredible. Of course, there was the modern keeper of Abbey Road there demonstrating how the magic of digital could do that in a blink of the eye but I think to sit with the machines and the instruments and build those sounds must have been a labour of true love and devotion and I think you can hear it.

I wish I could make music. I love music. I particularly love new music and aspire to being aware of current music until I slip off this mortal coil. I can't make music though. I learned to play the guitar as a child and it always sounded ridiculous when I played. I like to sing along these days, much to my family's collective horror. I'm very fond of 'Kings of Leon' and 'Kasabian' at the moment. I like to play 'sex on fire' very loudly whilst driving down the middle of country lanes.

I am proud to say I was told to turn my music down in a car park not so long ago. I was also wearing a parka. I know...I am prone to tragic episodes of clinging on to what I think is youthful. It was fun though. I seem to remember it was a particularly nasty hip hop track. Dreadful behaviour and I should know better but being told off made me feel like doing a handbrake turn in my punto (am not sure the seven bags of shopping would have made that possible, even if I knew how to execute such a thing).

I digress (again). The little piece of stitched love is something I've put together for an article. It took little more than half an hour to complete and was a most enjoyable way to pass the time whilst listening to music from yesteryear. I can feel a collection coming on.


LittleBrownDog said...

Gosh - loud music and parka in the village? Whatever is the world coming to? I'm just jelous, really. I'm sure I'd be the one with loud music on if I possessed a working car stereo. Possibly the Beatles, even (although maybe not S&G, although I can't say I actually mind them too much if they unexpectedly come on on the radio). And I think parkas can be quite cool under certain circumstances.

Only Me said...

I agree with LBD, Parkas are cool and also very practical!

S&G reminds me of regular trips to Scotland with three girlfriends - buzzing along the side of Lochs singing very loudly and, in my case, very badly to Bridge over Troubled Water - ah fond memories.

Lobster and swan said...

I loved the Beatles weekend too, Dean says he has to be in the right mood to listen to them, but whenever I hear them they put me in a good mood.

Did you love the exhibition? I wanted to go but couldn't face the queueing.

I worked in the banksy santa's ghetto gallery a couple of times, and that was fun.

wishing you a lovely weekend