Monday, 21 September 2009

if music be the food of love....

We have a new addition to the family - E's alphasax....this contraption is an adapted saxaphone which, in theory, should last until she does Grade 3? I don't know what that means because although I love listening to music, my only experience of playing the music is practising 'mull of kintyre' over and over again in primary school.

As you can see it's very sparkly and gold and, I have to admit, rather lovely. E is proud of her new enterprise as she has committed her own funds to the project and likes her teacher very much.

I always think music is a lot like crafting:
- it's something that a person chooses to do, no-one makes you play the saxaphone, or crochet for that matter.
- it takes a bit of practice to get the basics right but once you do, you can choose what you do with them
- we all know that there are virtuosos/fine craftspeople out there but it's still OK to give it a go, to learn and to make that instrument or practice your own

I love the idea of children taking up activity because they want to rather than it being part of some great educational plan. I have to admit, also, that I don't really mind if they try and then decide that it's not really for them. I'm a great believer in trying everything once, just to see. Perhaps I'm being indulgent. I'm a great dabbler myself. I have lost count of the subjects and ideas that have grabbed me for a while and then have either become part of what I do or just gradually faded away.

I spent quite a long time in my twenties learning massage and reflexology, having the idea that I would practice. What I learnt was that I wanted to be on the receiving end of the massage and reflexology and that, in truth, I'm not quite as selfless as I thought I was. unexpected outcome altogether!

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Only Me said...

Tis a very lovely instrument and E should rightly be proud of her new enterprise - I'm sure she will get a lot of enjoyment from it (whether the rest of you will initially whilst she gets going ....!)