Tuesday, 8 September 2009

An anniversary of sorts

This is my 300th post. I haven't posted since last Wednesday, six days ago. I've been wondering what to write and how to sound momentous and celebratory. As projectforty is more about the day to day and the not quite so momentous, I've decided to post about what I've learnt since my first post:

About blogging:
- there are a lot of blogs with a lot of talented writing posted upon them
- there are many talented photographers out there in the interweb
- a lot of blogging photographers have two talents: online photography and offline (I presume)
- blogging gives a sense of infinite smallness: this blog is just one of gazillions
- at the same time blogging gives me a sense of completion: it makes me write and think about writing (dear readers, I'm so pleased you visit and delighted when you comment but I think I would continue if I were abandoned to solitary scribbling)
- other bloggers are invariably pleasant and charming
- if I want to write, I should really just sit at the laptop or with any one of my selection of notebooks and, well, just write
- technical nuances are not my strong point although I would love someone to tell me how to add lists of books to my blog
- my punctuation needs attention
- I really, really, really want to be the 'blog of note' one day

When I'm not blogging, I've learned:
- age + responsibility = anxiety, resolvable by sun, a horizontal position and nearby waves
- a good haircut is hard (but possible) to find
- I am now prepared to budget for pedicures
- I am not the world's most natural gardener
- I like to see pavements every few weeks
- I do not want to make chutney that no-one eats
- there are currently 25 courgettes to every member of the Wiltshire population (in Malmesbury)
- watching my kids grow up is very entertaining (if anxiety-provoking - see above)
- watching my kids grow up is a bit sad (we will never play on the floor with thomas the tank engine again until they have their own children, at which point I will sit with the paper and tut at the way they are indulging their little treasures!)
- a little bit of projecting and concentrating can go along way
- once I lose a bit of concentration, the reverse is true
- 2lbs on, 2lbs off: does anyone really care?
- medium-level sudoku is not that tricky


Georgina said...

I enjoyed reading that!

Only Me said...

Congratulations on your 300th post - Happy Blog Anniversary.

Loved this blog expecially - is it really only 25 courgettes to every member of the Wiltshire population ....

Katie Runnels said...

congratulations! I really enjoyed reading your latest posts....you are a terrific writer! screw the punctuation, i say! thanks for visiting my blog, too! You asked what glue i used...i normally cheat and use a hot glue gun...but if i want something to maybe last through a heat wave or stay in someone's boiling attic...i'll use E6000 or other industrial strength glue. for collage i only use matte medium which acts as a glue and a protective layer. mod podge is another form of this...but not as elegant...goes on a bit streaky but will work fine and can be watered down. I think you've inspired me to do a post about this! sorry so long! xo, katie

Laura said...

A good post!
Blogging is a strange world, it's slowly beginning to unravel for me.
It's true that there is a sense of smallness in everything you do in the blogverse. But there's something for everyone!

The Girl said...

300 posts?! Wow is all I can say. I'm only just starting to approach a measly 100. Hope I can keep going long enough to reach your number.

It's amazing just how many blogs there are out there. I only mean to go on one but then that leads to me clicking to another and then another and then half the night has gone!

LittleBrownDog said...

Three points to make.

- Good to hear that you would still continue if scribbling solitarily, however I would still come and visit. Even if I had to break a window to get in.
- There is no such thing as chutney no one will eat. I will eat chutney of all kinds, straight from the jar if necessary. Try me.
- You are frequently my blog of note.

301 now. Onwards and upwards!

PS Just heard I've got an allotment, so next year will be doubtless adding to ludicrous Wiltshire courgette population.

Emil Kirstein said...

Congratulations on your 300th. Food for thought for newbies.

Kim Ayres said...

Having Blog of Note thrust on you is more terrifying than you'd ever believe.

And Sudoku is best served Extreme

Thanks for taking the time to visit and comment on my blog :)