Sunday, 9 August 2009

woman interrupted

We are not the only people in the world to have a glut of courgettes - green, or otherwise.

I would like a set of teacups just like these.
Don't run(ner) bean until you can walk....
The marvellous Mr Squid - at the ready

My first ever quiche - courgette, naturellement....

I wondered when I uploaded these images whether I might be able to make any sense of them at all. Obviously that was a little too much to ask for. Please ponder them in my absence for the next week or so.
I am experiencing one of my periodic information overloads. The more time I have to think, the more information and experience I can absorb. This makes for night after night of exhausting dreaming and an almost pathological desire to devour magazines, articles, newspapers, anything. I anticipated lots of lazy summer holiday mornings but have been thwarted in my efforts at inertia. I have got to that age where I say things like 'don't waste the best hours of the day' and 'I can sleep when I'm dead'.
I used to able to waste time quite happily. I could lay in my bed, on the sofa, read trash (or not), watch trash (or not) but something has shifted and I can't quite put my ever-moving fingers on it.
We are taking a family holiday this week and I know that I will take too many books and too many things to do. What I need to do is stare out to see and eat the occasional plate of food. What I am likely to do, is fill my time reading and writing and stitching and knitting. The more time I have to do nothing, the more I need to fill it with some kind of occupation. I feel like one of those Jane Austen heroines who always needs to be doing, completing, making, participating.
I used to have a talent for laziness. I could spend days, weeks, accomplishing precisely nothing of consequence apart from a slightly higher pinball score or sourcing the perfect chocolate brownie in a small, provincial British town. I look back on those times with a slice of envy and a wodge of pity. I wish I had my current enthusiasm with my more youthful energy and free time. I never quite seem to do things in the right order. As you can see from the pictures above.
It was the 114th year of our village show yesterday. The kids and I racked up three firsts, one second and two thirds in the industrial section. I was particularly proud of my second prize in a category in which my effort was the only entrant. I'm quite sure that I am unique in my ability to win second prize in what was, effectively, a one horse race!
There's always another year.


Only Me said...

Pinball - cor that brings back memories of times wasted in a certain pub in a certain market town along with high scores on the 'Adams Family' pinball. My theory is that as we get older (a little older, a little wiser and years of accumulated experience) we are far more conscious of the passage of time and of all the things we still want to do and explore.

Well done on your certificates at the village show and hope you are having a relaxed, lazy and happy holiday.

Brown Dog said...

Yes, very well done indeed with all those prizes - more than we managed to scrape altogether - only the dog managed a placing, and that was in a class for which he was technically excluded and only won, I suspect, on grounds of disability and being presented by a particularly desparate-to-win-looking child.

Must say, Mr Squid looks very handsome. And I don't normally like Jack Russells.

Hope you're having a marvellous holiday and managing to relax somewhere along the line - know what you mean about the constant need to 'do'. xx