Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Turkey's not just for Christmas

We went to Turkey last week. It was gloriously, skin-burningly hot. The hotel was comfortable, the food was pretty good, we had a great British package holiday. Seven days of eating, sleeping, sunbathing with the occasional foray into shopping.

Things I learnt in Turkey:

- how to say please in Turkish (lutfen). Thank you is very complicated.
- how to do sudoku, having been baffled by it for years. All it took was five mornings of shady sunbathing and several sneaky peeks in the back for a little help along the way
- how to walk semi-elegantly on pebbles
- why there is a dearth of middle-aged crew-cut men in England during August, they are all in Turkey arguing with their kids and watching footie in karaoke bars
- Turkish breakfast consists of egg, watermelon, unidentified bread products, cucumber and olives
- eyebrows can be enhanced by threading (I am very pleased with my Turkish eyebrows), the slight pain distracted me from the agony of having a Turkish pedicure

Several mysteries remain unanswered:

- does every English girl over the age of 11 own a pair of hair straighteners?
- what is it with the Amy Winehouse hair and eyeliner?
- is the Blue Lagoon at Olu Deniz not as good as Frinton?
- what are holiday reps for?
- why is it hotter in the room at night than during the day?
- why do beach towels never really dry out?


Only Me said...

What an interesting selection of breakfast ingredients! I remember drinking lots of cups of lovely apple tea in shops in Turkey whilst admiring beautiful rugs.

Sounds like you had a lovely, hot happy holiday although threading the eyebrows sounds very painful - does it include beads...

lucy said...

We must have very similar holiday tastes, Lucca and now Olu Deniz, mind you, it is 20 years since I went there, Turkey was not very popular as a holiday destination then x

lucy said...

Ooooh! and the apple tea is lovely!

Brown Dog said...

What beautiful turquoise-tipped feet - are they yours, perchance? Have never been to Turkey, but my other half is forever angling to go. Cannot, I'm afraid, throw much light on your mysteries as yet unanswered - much prefer hair with a bit of a wave. All those straighteners will be in landfill by the end of the century, along with mountains of liquid eyeliner and kohl - you mark my words.