Thursday, 27 August 2009

a stationery sideline

On one of my blog-wanderings I came across the tip of a stationery-obsessed iceberg. Any readers of this blog are aware of my textile fascinations. My stationery and notebook fascinations started a long time ago. They have also been identified as genetic. E has a pencil case and notebook obsession that far surpasses my fledgling interest at her age.

My favourite stationery/pen/type blog so far has to be Notebook Stories which is rammed with links to reviews, notebook addicts and fantastic stationery. Fresh Ribbon is the other gem I stumbled across. This is great for everyone who has fond memories of typewriters and ribbons and sticky keys. I know, you can tell I'm fortysomething....

In any case, you'll have already seen photos of my ever-growing notebook selection at the top of this post. I really like Rhodia books from France with their squares and their staples. I haven't included my pile of ever-ready sketchbooks. They're on the shelves at the bottom of the cupboard.

I'm not the best book-stitcher so I stock up on rings to make easy, re-usable books. A cheat, I know, but there is an opportunity to add ribbon and bows. I like to combine covers and handmade papers. I have some paper shopping bags that are crying out to be ripped up and made into books. There is also a pile of vintage children's books on my desk that are unlikely to remain intact for much longer although I can't quite allow myself to ravage the Ladybird books I've snaffled from various boot sales during the last few years.


On a separate matter, I'm having my end of holiday haircut tomorrow. I think I've finally found THE ONE, the hairdresser who is able to make me look a little better. I'm going for a colour tomorrow too. As its autumn, I fancy short and conker.


frillip moolog: said...

Hello I just wanted to say thanks for the kind feeedback about my work. I picked "Reg" up from Cirencester on Tuesday and then had a lovely day in Bath.
You may be interested in my solo show "Close encounters of a a Frillip Moolog kind". I've just got back from setting it up. The show opens on 2nd Sept and runs for 6 weeks. I'm really excited. The venue is fantastic, (in the heart of Notting Hill, London and the new flying beings that I've made seem liberated now that they are suspended( rather than lolling about my house).
I love notebooks too and have a friend who has had a stationery fetish since she was little. She's now a bookbinder. So you never know that might be a future direction for you?

Only Me said...

Typewriters and ribbons certainly bring back memories for me. I did a typing evening class about 100 years ago - apart from the 'quick brown fox', I mainly remember my teacher's very long and manicured orange nails.

Short and conker sounds good.