Thursday, 6 August 2009

plum job

Two plum trees, six bowls of ripening, purple-pink plums. These plums have caused me stress. They have required an answer, a doing, an action and I have not been able to provide them with anything like enough activity.
They have been divided into bags of approximately forty plums and are slowly being distributed amongst friends and neighbours. Why? I hear you ask. There's chutney, cobbler, crumble and duff. Can I find nothing to make or create with such abundant produce?
The short answer is no - I do not have the capacity to indulge in plum processing this week. I have enough to think of with ever-expanding courgettes and green beans crying 'pick me' as I watch the rain fall over them. Plums are just too much harvest for this woman to cope with.
The situation is not helped by the fact that I am the only individual in our household able to eat plums, or, indeed courgettes in any great quantity. We are not the best family to join the 'grow your own' campaign although I do have the greatest hopes tha Alan Titchmarsh will invent a fish finger seed or, a yoghurt plant, or perhaps a crunchy nut cornflake bush. Then, we'd be right there with everyone other family who've planted their patios with produce.


Only Me said...

It's amazing what two plum trees can produce in one year. Our plum tree, which is very little seems to alternate each year on productivity.
Thank you for the supplies we enjoyed stewed plums with a little greek yoghurt topping for tea last night.

Only Me said...

I am pleased to announce that 120 of your lovely plums have been made into jam by Mr B - it is currently setting in two large jars and a demi-john (not sure how it will come out of this though!) - I also have a very sticky kitchen.

countrymummy said...

Am impressed that the jam has been successfully produced. I did wonder about the potential stick-ometer. There are more in the garden. Please help yourselves! Can Mr B make courgett jam?