Sunday, 23 August 2009

onwards and upwards

I've had a lovely summer. I took the plunge by taking a whole three weeks off work. We've had a UK trip, a Turkey trip and a France trip. When G was made redundant in January, we were looking forward to a couple of days at the Eden project. Our summer has excelled our expectations. The kids have managed to share space without bloodshed and we've even managed to enjoy the travelling part of our travels.

Back today and I've mowed the allotment, done three loads of washing and I'm just about to salvage some of the courgettes that have become marrows in the back garden. Tomorrow I'm back at work and next week everyone is back at school. There's no time now to park and sit and stare. The next few months are likely to be full of changes again and three of us have birthdays to look forward to. As well as our day to day stuff, there are some bigger things I want to make a start on, things that have been neglected a little.

I like to have a little sort out in September. I like to think of it as my January. It gives me a change to review things before my birthday. This year, according to 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' I shall be 'the meaning of life', that is 42. That's two years and nearly 300 posts of blogging to you and I.

Got to go. I have an appointment with some courgettes.

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Only Me said...

I'm so pleased you've had such a lovely summer, and no bloodshed between siblings is always a bonus, - sounds great. It's just gone too quickly and there is definitely an air of Autumn around the corner - the blackberries are ready. Time for crumbles and pies.

Hope work goes well and your sorting in September is successful.