Sunday, 2 August 2009

a little more island life...

I took the kids to Black Gang Chine on Wednesday. It requires a whole post on its own. You should see the gnomes! 'Cliffhanger' made me feel quite sick. It was quite a stubby ride, not enough length in the run-ups for my liking.

In the afternoon we took a quick trip to Newport. These embellished shoes were in Quay Arts which made me want to stay on the island just a little longer to find the artists and craftspeople listed in the upcoming Open Studios catalogue.

On Thursday, G had to leave the island so we stayed at the campsite. What's a girl to do but take more airstream shots. I like my reflection in this one. Be warned. There are more.

On Friday we took the hovercraft (more exciting than Cliffhanger) back to Portsmouth and met G at Mozzarella Joe's which was, surprisingly, a little more Miami than Southsea.

Here is some of our luggage. We also carried my camera, a rugby ball, a kite and a rucksack.

"Never knowingly underpacked."


PS: Thanks for the photo tip, LBD, apologies for download time. I'm still not convinced re layout and type. Am having identity crisis!

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Only Me said...

The gnomes and the talking rubbish bins! I didn't like Cliffhanger either and have refused to go on it ever again.

I love the luggage photo - and it is important that you have all eventualities covered with your packing - did you play the ukulele?