Tuesday, 25 August 2009

flip times flop

I cast my eyes over winter boots this afternoon. They were a far cry from the sunny flip flops I saw on holiday. The M&S selection was more S&M. There were studs, straps and shiny bits galore. I also had to buy some work clothes. Could there be a drearier two words strung together? I work in a school and I've realised that there is a uniform for staff as well as students.

We have a main thoroughfare in school where most of the students congregate to eat their lunch and shuffle about. I am quite sure that some of them have a fashion radar to rival Anna Wintour's. I do not want to be the woman they laugh at. I believe it better to be as inconspicuous and stylistically unchallenging as is humanly possible. I bought two pairs of trousers - wide leg (flattering for my wide bottom), a scary shirt for interviewing people in and a couple of jersey t-shirt type things. Apart from footwear that should see me through the first term or so.

I love this time of year as I can search for the perfect leather coat (last seen Autumn 1992) and the perfect pair of boots (although I do have a little bit of a calf issue). I love the August magazines because they're full of the next season's stuff. I love the fact that the nights start to draw in and air becomes brisker. I've been pleased to see some halloween crafts appearing on my favourite blogs.

Roll-on autumn. Summer's so last season....


Only Me said...

School staff uniform - I know what you mean but boots, boots, boots I too love boots. I'm no good at any other sort of footwear.

Kathy said...

Hi J.,
sounds like you've chosen the perfect pieces for the start of your autumn wardrobe! Of course don't forget to represent us knitters by embellishing your ensembles with your handmade lovelies!