Monday, 24 August 2009

all things green and beautiful

I've got myself a regular slot writing about all things crafty at Daisy Green magazine, an online publication devoted to being environmentally and ethically sound whilst at the same time maintaining general gorgeousness and fashion-conscious. Their editorial team has been described as the 'Sex and the City meets the Good Life'. As a huge fan of both, I'm thrilled to be involved.

You can go straight to my first article here. It's all about crafting during the credit crunch. All hobbies can be expensive but knitting, stitching and making have that inbuilt 'make do and mend' ethos about them. There are ways and means of making beautiful things from virtually nothing.

Am slowly working through my to-do list and watching the first cloud I've seen in a fortnight fill up with rain. It's good to be back!


Only Me said...

Lovely photo and Well Done on your article - it's great.

Hope the to-do list isn't too long and painful and that you can start ticking off very soon.

Georgina said...

Congratulations and well done you - I shall bookmark you!!