Friday, 17 July 2009

weekend list

To do in the next 48 hours....

- not eat fish & chips (one of the suspected contributors to my 2lb weekly weight fluctuation)
- exercise tonight and tomorrow
- retain a sunny disposition despite imminent drizzly wetness
- do a little knitty photography
- pack for Port Eliot
- pack for Isle of Wight
- make a food pack for Port Eliot
- make a food pack for Isle of Wight
- make a craft pack for Port Eliot
- make a craft pack for Isle of Wight
- remove all items from my skip (sorry car) and scrub its exterior till it shines (showers permitting)
- sort out craft supplies to swerve E from summer 'Claire's Accessories' desires
- do something about the weird smell in the living room (I think it's the new lightbulb but there may be another, more unpleasant reason)
- dance about the kitchen and sort out my itunes (we have all our itunes on the old computer which needs to be stripped of said files before, hopefully, getting turned into something recycled)
- eat some of our beautiful yellow courgettes before they swell to mammoth proportions
- clip the chickens' wings (rather, get a neighbour to clip chickens' wings)
- find the eggs that I suspect the chickens are laying in inappropriate places around the garden

So...not much, then. We have no trips planned, no activities (apart from the relentless football)


Only Me said...

I like the sound of a little knitty photography - I hope it appears on your blog.

I can vouch your lovely yellow courgettes - they are very tasty.

Hope you get through your very big list and can put a big tick at the end.

Brown Dog said...

Football? It's the cricket season innit? And I refuse to believe that fish and chips is remotely fattening. At least, not if you eat it standing up.

Have a great time at PE and IoW - v envious of all your travelling.

dovegreyreader said...

I love your blog and thank you for saying such nice things about mine:-)
Will I know you at Port Eliot?
Will you please say hi?
If you're coming to my 'performance'(!) will you chip in with loads of bloggy questions, suggestions, etc?
It's going to be a great weekend, even if it rains, do we care, no!