Thursday, 2 July 2009

perennial, prefers shade

If I were a plant label, it would read as above.
I am long-lasting and have a great deal of stamina but only in temperatures below 22 degrees centigrade, if not a little cooler.
My school week is over, bar attending a Local Area Board meeting this evening. I am intrigued to see who attends. Local Area Boards are new political entities and I hope this evening's happenings will clarify some of their role. I have to know about all this for my day job. I wish I felt I knew as much about my day job as I know I know about knitting or stitching, or anything else for that matter.
You may have noticed the blog has had a little revamp. I love my 'inspiration blogs', not only because they're inspirational but they're now all a click away. I am a repetitive blog-reader, pootling around a well-worn blog-track every day. My wanderings are quite limited but, I think, they combine my interests with a huge dose of quality writing, too.
From my window I can see just-about-bursting lavender and a swathe of monkshood (aconitum?) behind, framed by the waxy green of virginia creeper. Our drive narrows as the summer holidays approach, partly because neither of us are great hedge cutters but partly because the lavender stretches out it's stems across the driveway. It's great to drive past it with the windows open. I like to think my little Punto spreads a little lavender perfume wherever it goes!
We are taking the kids to see Kasabian at the Eden Project this weekend. I am trying to be calm about packing and about driving. The last time we went to the Eden Project was in November and, surprisingly, midweek, it was very quiet. This time I think it may be slightly busier with more piercings.
There are articles-a-go-go about holidaying at home this year and, although I agree with the sentiments, I'm not sure my carbon footprint would be reduced much by sitting in a traffic jam on a beach-bound 'A' road. We are off to Turkey. I can tell you no more as I have decided to absolve all responsibility and interest in the location, the hotel, what it will be like. I am merely going to pack sunscreen and books.


LittleBrownDog said...

Oooh,the Eden Project - have long been longing to go there (mind you, not sure how I'd feel about being inside a glass dome this weather...) Yes, I think I prefer shade, too. Preferably shade which also incorporates a cool drink, a comfy lounger and a pedicure.

Hope you manage to find some shade in Turkey (I hear the Atlas Mountains are quite cool at night - are they in Turkey?)

Only Me said...

I think my label would read wilting weed who likes a gentle cooling breeze.

Hope you had a fab time with Kasabian at the Eden Project - did you get much moshing done?