Wednesday, 22 July 2009

breathe in, breathe out

It's not cold enough for a photo of my breath. I learnt a new breathing technique in bodybalance this week. Breathe in for four, breathe out for seven. It's surprisingly calming if a little light-headed-making if pursued for more than a couple of minutes.

I am gripped in the throes of temperature anxiety. I know, I am lurching from one minor crisis to another. You don't need to tell me!

Anyway...along with every other mother in our corner of North Wiltshire, I am making regular visits to our local pharmacies in search of a thermometer. I bought a thermometer each time I gave birth (well, afterwards). Neither the pop in the mouth or the stick on the head version worked. They gathered dust with my hardskin remover at the bottom of the bathroom cabinet for years. I have to admit that I've always used the back of the neck feel approach, or asked various friends, neighbours and family whether the kids 'looked a bit sweaty'. Not very scientific, and not very useful.

I couldn't buy a thermometer in Lloyds or the two Boots stores we have in our locality. I have bought, however, enough paracetomol and ibuprofen to last us all the summer and I've stocked up on vitamins - immunity and memory-promoting for the kids; a skin, hair and nails combination for me (who cares if I get swine flu, at least I'll have active follicles).

Amidst all this flippant jollity, however, I do have a sore throat and feel a bit tired. I had to resort to Paul McKenna's relaxation session that I keep on my ipod to get to sleep last night. I have never actually got to the end of the words awake so I'm probably being mindfully controlled by proxy as I write. I call it 'relaxation' on the ipod but it's actually his weight loss mind-control-words. Whenever I listen to it, I can't quite face my breakfast and white bread looks a little suspect. As I said, I'm usually asleep faster than you can say fondant fancy so I wouldn't really know what he's telling me.

I've finished my day job for the week and am booked in for my long-awaited spa day tomorrow. Can't wait although I will have to do some pre-spa preparations tonight. I have been walking up and down the garden to the chickens in my mock-crocs and my feet are not at their most beautiful.

Will be back after my festival shenanigans. Have fun.

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Only Me said...

I'm not very good at concentrating on my breathing - obviously I do breathe,and am encouraging my stressed manager at work to breathe in love and to breathe out love too. Bodybalance makes me smile especially when she refers to our navel core - it sounds like the middle of an orange to me.

Have lots of fun with all your shenanigans.