Tuesday, 14 July 2009

barley there

We live in an old pub. Old as in former and old as in, well, old - 1840, I think. We should grow hops or, indeed, barley but we don't. We grow apples and plums and blackcurrants and vegetables in general, but not beer making supplies.

I was drawn to the swathes of barley at Eden. I suspect they do something clever and organic with theirs. It was very beautiful in the way it made a frothy ribbon through the veggie section.

We have just taken delivery of our cider from a local farmer which offers apple pressing and cider making services to its local communities. The cider's OK and we tested it quite thoroughly on Saturday but it just doesn't taste like cider I've ever drunk before. It's more like wine, which is decidedly weird.

When it gets cooler, I'm going to make warm cider punch with it and see how that goes. I think it might be tastier. It's quite groovy though, having our own cider. Kind of Hugh-Furry-Knittingstall-ish. Next...chutney.


Lisa said...

Am not sure if that is the real Will Self you are following on Twitter. He was on Any Questions the other week and said someone was impersonating him!
Lisa x

Only Me said...

Lovely, lovely photos - it reminded me of my yoof - walking on Salisbury Plain and looking down at fields and fields of wheat and barley swaying across the hillside - very beautiful.

Tis definitely very cool having your own cider, I know D enjoyed having a sampling of 2 or 3 or even 4.