Sunday, 19 July 2009

almost as promised...


Photos of my handiwork, some anti-raincloud crochet (I promised knitting).

As for the rest of my list, all things have been attempted and some matters have been achieved. Mostly, I have been making progress on all fronts but completing nothing. I have been dodging rain showers and trying to think through a particularly tricky issue which no-one else can help me with.

I am not good with big decisions. I have a tendency to overthink. Hence the dedication to my crochet - it helps on a meditative basis. As discussed in a previous post, my Libran nature compels me to see almost everything from almost every angle.

I can reduce myself to a catatonic state by thinking through any large to medium issue that is going on around me.

I am not sure I'll sleep tonight. At least my crochet will grow.

1 comment:

Only Me said...

More lovely, lovely photos.

Hope the crochet meditation helps and that you manage to get some sleep.