Wednesday, 24 June 2009

totally tropical taste.....

I wish I liked mango. I don't - too slippery.

I wish I was able to peel fresh pineapples with aplomb. I can't.
Beautiful, warm, summer weather demands fluency with tropical fruit and vegetables. I have none.

I may have mentioned this before but I had my first encounter with broccolli, aged sixteen. I was brought up in Woolly-back country. There were no other vegetables apart from boiled cabbage and the occasional mushy pea.

Some people can dress salads beautifully and make leaves look like painterly strokes of variegated green-ness. My salads look like piles of vegetables.

Other people can make perfect dressing with just the right piquancy of sweet and sour, supporting the flavours of their beautifully arranged leaves. I can't.

Perhaps there is a course I can go on. I probably need a few days with Sarah Raven, she of the beautiful gardening boot and vastly stylish culinary and horticultural concern in Sussex (formerly of Gardner's World). I wish I knew her and I could absorb her talents simply by standing next to her.

I don't think she grows mangoes as they're neither indigenous, nor seasonal. They are chock-a-block stuffed with airmiles and that can be prohibitive. I know she grows rocket and glamorously named Italian beans as I have one of her many beautifully photographed books.

Do you think she manages all that growing and preparing and eating all by herself?

Something to ponder upon whilst I watch 'Celebrity Masterchef' in a couple of hours time.

And on another matter...does anyone else have a strange interest in Greg?

Oodyoorather? John or Greg.

Answers to this most inappropriate midweek question on a comment please. Apologies to my overseas visitors who may not know about these two culinary giants.


SallyF said...

yep Greg. definitely Greg. I know, it should be so wrong, but there we are.

Only Me said...

I think Mango tastes like soap, or at least how I imagine mango flavoured soap to taste.

Don't get me on to Sarah Raven, cos a certain person in this household goes on, and on, and on about the lovely Sarah Raven, she is only second to the marvellous Delia! I'm not quite sure where I come in the ranking.

LittleBrownDog said...

I'll let you into a secret. I could never cope with mango either until I discovered this amazing specially designed mango-cutting gadget (which does look a bit like a medieval instrument of torture, I'll grant you) at somewhere like Lakeland a couple of years ago - now there's no stopping me. One swipe with the gadget and - hey presto. You don't even have to touch the mango (well, except perhaps to remove the skin). It's really really changed my life. Honest.

Only Me - try the ones from Tesco in Tetbury - the large ones. They don't taste like soap. Well, not much...