Sunday, 14 June 2009

summer lovin',..

My involvement with our local village fete has been somewhat limited this year by my re-entry into the job market, my run of domestic upheaval (won't go into that again) and my determination to spend a little more time writing and creating. I can't do everything and I have had to be strict and remove myself from various committees and activities whilst practicing the mantra "I'm sorry, I've got so much on now, I don't think I can".

I helped at the fete and it was a wonderful occasion, as always. Almost everyone comes to the fete and it's great to see the gathering come together. As I understand it, the traditional date is the second Friday evening in June, from 6.30pm. It finishes at around nine and is, I believe, one of the most profitable two hours I've seen in motion.

All good fun and a slice of traditional British life down to the cider and the sausages and the chipped crockery donated to the white elephant stall.

Since my Friday night of altruism and community, my nose has run and my eyes have streamed. As I'm writing I can see the offending pollen bobbing about in the air, just waiting to drop onto my eyelashes. Unless my hayfever medication (which I've been taking since the beginning of May) kicks in, I'm going to have to stay indoors until September.

I've bought myself some short shorts in order to prepare the milk-bottles that are attached to my bottom for summer sunning on holiday in Turkey. I now have to remind myself not to wear wellies while gardening as this will result in brown thighs and knees, white shins and ankles. My ability to tan unevenly is unsurpassed but I must concentrate and, at least, attempt brown summer legs. If I don't lose any weight doing projectforty, at least they'll look slimmer if tanned.

Projectforty is going rather well. I've lost 3lbs over 2 weeks and am now doing the circuit every couple of days very early in the morning. Apart from the hayfever, I'm feeling fitter and brighter during the day. I'm convinced this is more to do with the smugness engendered by early morning exercise. Even if I eat half a packet of custard creams out of boredom, I can console myself that I'd biked for 40 minutes before the kids have woken up.

By the way: Cluck-ometer = 0 eggs. Bets are still being taken.


Only Me said...

I am also unable to get the art of tanning evenly - I currently have red stripes on my legs from the knees down ... ummm.

Am I allowed to place a second egg bet cos my first bet has failed? Odds on, that said chickens start laying on Saturday 20th June. I don't wish to dishearten you but a certain neighbour, 2 doors up from me, has had his first egg laid this weekend. Apparently very small but definitely an egg.

mountainear said...

Oh dear, any weight loss project round here seems doomed. Today I walked miles behind the mower, mowing nearly and acre of uphill-downhill awkward land. I convinced myself I'd lost pounds when but when 3 hours later I showered and changed I found the clean clothes disappointingly tight. Grrr.

LittleBrownDog said...

Oh no - I've lost the egg comp! Can I have another go?

By the way, I have just one word about uneven tanning (whisper it... fake it! Honestly, as long as you exfoliate, it will be fine).

Loved your shoes, by the way. You can definitely get away with that look. Whereas I would just look silly.

Sorry about your hayfever, though. Fete was good, wasn't it? Still have shedloads of books left, though...

Lisa said...

I'm currently a patchwork of white, brown and a bit of angry red too unfortunately.
Well done with the weight loss so far.