Monday, 22 June 2009

'sno place like dome

I would love to know the collective term for a gathering of snowdomes. They're not my favourite collectable but I never pass one without having a look.

Snowdomes look best en-masse. There is something rather sad about a singular snowdome unless it is enormous and stuffed full of snowflakes.

I saw these rather interesting 'pirate-skull' snowdomes on our Father's Day trip out yesterday. I have never seen a dome with a head inside and I wondered about the individual who conceived of such a fancy. Who designs these things? Who designs them and then takes them to the boss and says

'Hey, I know what would be great, a pirate-skull snowdome, they'll fly off the shelf at maritime visitor attractions.'

And then, who exactly gives the go-ahead and takes the designs to the manufacturers and says

'Hey, could you make me a pirate's skull, with bandana and eyepatch and then pop it into three different sizes of snowdome?'

And then, who are the hapless gift salesmen entrusted with the responsibility of putting these wares in front of the unsuspecting touring British public?

I suspect I'll never know.

STOP PRESS: No the chickens haven't laid an egg - don't be silly! They've come over all adolescent and are getting perilously close to getting laid themselves by our neighbour's cockerel. We need higher fences or shorter wings or probably both. I know it's nature but, dear oh dear, do they have to? At the bottom of the garden? Can't they just provide eggs and keep themselves to themselves? Apparently not.

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Only Me said...

SnowdomI - probably not. They do look great - looks like a plate canapes - devils on horseback!